Site 5, Ammo, Sembach AB, Germany

This was a painting on the wall of the front office in the Munitions Storage Building (Site 5) of the Munitions Storage Area at Sembach. It was drawn sometime in 1983. At the time, MSgt Walters was the Munitions Storage Supervisor and SMSgt Chauncy was the Branch Chief. I was an Airman First Class (first duty station). You can't read most of the names (which are actually nick names).

Joseph Santua's name is at the bottom left (he painted most of this).

I got out of the Air Force in 1992 and I heard (around that time) that this building had been torn down. I heard that the painting was saved. It sure does bring back a lot of memories. I think other people might want to see this (if they were there at that time). I enjoyed my time in the Air Force and liked being in AMMO. Saw a lot of places and met a lot of really cool people. Thanks for asking me to send this.

Billy Jones (USAF, AMMO 1981-1992)

Image and history courtesy of Billy Jones

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