Mace Missile Nose JT-33, Sembach AB, Germany Circa 1960

 This plane was flown by a civilian crew from Goodyear Aircraft out of Litchfield Park, Arizona. It flew out of Sembach for about 6 months from January 1960. After that, the crew returned to the states and the plane sat unused. I don't know what finally happened to it. It's official designation was a JT-33 and the serial number was 52-9375. There was a sister ship made also that stayed in Tucson, it's serial number was 52-8919.

I flew one mission in the back seat, the most thrilling ride I ever had, before or since. It was all very low level and on a heading of due east toward the east German border.

This image is courtesy of John Donovan, the crew chief of this aircraft. Johns feet are seen just below the other side of the aircraft.

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