Uniform patches, Sembach AB, Germany

Going from left to right top to bottom.

1. 66th Electronic Combat Wing was there at Sembach 86-91.
2. 66th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron was there the same time in support of the EC-130s.
3. United States Air Forces Europe Master Technician.. This was a program that recognized out standing Maintenance Technicians (A lot of Mainteers will recognize this patch).
4. Compass Call Rivet Fire is the Lockheed identification of the EC-130s that flew out of Sembach and patrolled the East/West boarder and then jammed data and radar sites in Iraq during the Gulf war.
5. The Electric Herk. This is an "un-official" patch that we wore during the Gulf War.
6. Combat Call was another "unofficial patch" that was used during the war as well and referenced the 41st and 43rd Electronic Combat Squadron there at Sembach and Davis Monthan.

Image courtesy of Bill Paulson.

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